• People-10.jpg

    Wendy and Al above the
    George and Dumans Rivers, 2000.
    Photo by Dave Brown

  • People-11.jpg

    Dave Brown and Ann Ingerson on the Nastapoka.

  • People-20.jpg

    Dick Irwin kneading bread on the Clearwater.

  • People-12.jpg

    Dick Irwin and Walter Lohaza on the Larch.
    Dave Brown photo.

  • People-13.jpg

    Tom Elliott, Dick,Wendy and Al in Nachvak Fiord, 1995.
    Dave Brown photo.

  • People-14.jpg

    Bob Kimber on the Nastapoka.

  • People-15.jpg

    Dawn Morgan and Wendy heading upstream.
    Dave Brown photo.

  • Rick.jpg

    Rick Morrill on the portage out of Richmond Gulf.
    Dick Irwin photo.

  • People-21.jpg

    Alexandra Conover flipping a bannock on the Nastapoka.

  • People-19.jpg

    Eric Nuse on the Wheeler.