Al Stirt and Wendy Scott live in northern Vermont, close to the Quebec border. We and our friends have been canoeing in northern Canada since the late 1970s. We are drawn to the landscape, water, wildlife and people. This website has photos of some of our favorite trips in the Northern Quebec/Labrador area.

This site is not intended as a guide to the area, but as a way to share some images and stories from this extraordinary country.

All photos are by Al Stirt except as indicated.

Note - I'm on the committee organizing the Northern Wilderness Travellers Conferences. For information on our conferences, CLICK HERE.

My article, Losing the Trail:Wandering the Quebec and Labrador Barrens, is in the Spring, 2016 issue of Nastawgan. You can see a low resolution pdf version of it HERE.

On the first day of our first canoe trip, after paddling for a few hours and completing a short portage, we found ourselves on a small lake.We were the only people there.  From the water, there was no sign that people had ever been there.  I was hooked... (read more)